How not to get lost in Pivot maze.


I have been meeting many people who keep pivoting in their startup, every now and then their startup solve a different problem. This way they keep working very hard, keep running but reaches nowhere, they confine themselves what I call ‘Pivot maze’, they start with one problem work on it for some time and if don’t see any traction in a short time, they move to another problem, every now and then they find themselves on starting point.

There is almost no idea (except few lucky ones) which gets overnight success, it takes a lot of time to build something remarkable which solves a real and painful problem. When you start initially, find a problem worth solving, spend as much time as required to find out if its really a problem worth solving and don’t settle for something which is not worth solving, for which people are not willing to pay, which is not a pain for customer but is just good to have thing. Once you have the problem, make your mission and vision to solve this problem and commit to it, don’t commit to the solution but to the problem. While solving this problem you can pivot the way you solve, when you have a solution and use it solve the problem but find that it is not working then pivot and solve it the other way, this type of pivot is ok, you can pivot several times, as with every pivot you say to yourself that I know this problem cannot be solved this way, so lets solve it the other way, with every pivot your understanding and knowledge about the problem increases which you use in next iteration. That is what I call “perfect pivot”

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